Kyle Marlett on The Tonight Show

Kyle Marlett is one of the top magicians and comedic performers in the world. He is known for his original magic, infectious personality and countless television appearances. Talented, off-beat, quirkily charismatic, Kyle Marlett performs mind-blowing illusions with singular flair.

From close-up magic that looks like real-life CGI, to elaborate new twists on original creations. 

Kyle delivers with charm and an infectious deadpan whether on the stage, on the street, or on camera.

Kyle conceived, created and stars in a new series premiering on Facebook Watch called Mutant Powers. In his show, Kyle convinces passersby that he has real mutant powers and that he can bestow upon them a power of their choosing. He concocts the requested “power” in his magic workshop and delivers on his promise, much to the delight of the lucky—and amazed!—random citizen. 


Kyle is executive producer with Chris Chelko (NBC’s The Tonight Show, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris), Mashable Studios and Abso Lutley Productions (Tim & Eric, Comedy Bang! Bang!). 

Kyle Marlett on CW's Masters of Illusion

Kyle Marlett on set of Mutant Powers

Kyle has also appeared on The Tonight Show, Syfy’s Wizard Wars, Pop’s Don’t Blink, CW’s Master of Illusion, and Penn & Teller’s Fool Us. The Linking Ring (the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians) recently put him on its cover and Las Vegas Weekly named him one of its “Most Interesting People in Las Vegas.”


He redefines what it means to be a magician, appearing across platforms whether on Facebook or cable TV, live at the heralded Magic Castle in Hollywood or on tour in India and Europe, whether in viral videos on YouTube or in an Instagram story. 

Tv Appearances

The Tonight show​

Pop's Don't Blink (5EP)

SyFy's Wizard Wars (S1-EP1)

CW's Penn & Teller Fool Us (S3-EP10)

CW's Masters of Illusion (S4-EP11)

Facebook Watch Series - Mutant Powers Starring Kyle Marlett (5EP)

Kyle's IMDB 

Kyle Marlett on tour in India 

Kyle filming his Facebook watch series Mutant Powers

Additionally, Kyle’s ingenuity and work ethic has earned him a place among the world’s top magic creators and consultants for film, television, and theater. He has conceived, designed, written and produced some of the most memorable illusions for performers on series for Netflix and ITV, the Science Channel, America’s Got Talent and even Broadway smash-hits. Kyle also designs magic for the biggest act on the Vegas Strip.


Whether conceiving, creating, producing or performing, Kyle Marlett is certain to cast a captivating spell (perhaps literally) on any audience he encounters from Hollywood to Mumbai, from Nashville to the Czech Republic.

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