You ARE Going to Fail

You are going to fail
 I’m 23. I’ve traveled the world and I’ve appeared on multiple TV shows, and yet sometimes I still feel like I’m a failure. How do we define success? For some it’s getting that A+ on a test, for others it’s buying your first car, and for a few they will feel like failure no matter what they do in life.
If you want to be successful the first thing you’re going to need to know is… 

You are not entitled to anything!
I know that’s a pretty harsh statement. For me this might have been the biggest and the hardest fact for me to face in my personal fight to become successful. I felt like I deserved success. I work hard, I’m different, and I believe I’m good at what I do. So I felt like I deserved success, I deserve that TV show, I deserve traveling the world and performing, I deserve. This is incorrect. There are countless people around the world who work just as hard as I do and want success just as much as I do and unfortunately they may not reach their definition of “success” but if you feel like you “deserve” everything and you just sit there waiting for everything to come to you, noting will ever happen. You must work for it, you must have that passion to achieve your success, you must go out and get it. Odds are, no one will ever hand you something, most often the people who are handed everything because they “deserve” it are unhappy and don’t actually feel successful because they didn’t fight for it, they don’t have that passion. Now you may not necessarily deserve success BUT being happy is something you DO deserve. So no mater if you reach your definition of “success” or not, you have to be happy. If you work tirelessly everyday to climb this success mountain and finally reach the top but you’re not happy then what is the point?